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Gent London

Gent London GENT London

GENT London is a new unisex sustainable fashion brand. Its aims are to harness the vibrancy of international art and combine it with iconic fashion, bringing together some of the most talented street, modern and contemporary artists from around the world to rework classic iconic pieces and bring their unique vision to everyone.

Customising clothing isn’t new; it’s always been around. GENT London is different!

GENT London aims to give everyone the chance to own something unique. Art is traditionally viewed within the confines of a gallery or hanging from a wall. Instead, GENT London provides its clients with wearable works of art, transforming them into canvas and the streets into the gallery. These are bespoke pieces created by hand, exclusively designed and signed by the artist. Never have our artists collaborated in this way before.

GENT London has seen a significant shift in the fashion industry towards environmental awareness and global consciousness, with recycling efforts and sustainability being the core deliverable of many major fashion houses worldwide. GENT London aims to uphold these values as the brand grows.

All GENT London items are luxury vintage and provide a unique canvas for artists to shift their medium, breeding new life into classic pieces. GENT London’s attention to detail is a big focus, with all vintage items being upcycled with unique adornments such as replacement buckles, updated stitching, and the inclusion of serialised holograms and Blockchain authentication.

“GENT London aims to showcase its artist's amazing talent and create a new exclusive line for the fashion industry that brings together the talents of renowned artists and a wider talent pool of rising stars too.”

About The Collection

For LFW 2022, GENT London is super excited to collaborate with the artist and TikTok sensation, Girl Scout Shoes, who will be creating a unique collection of footwear just for this event. Onnika Caldeira will design a bespoke range to compliment the artwork and colour palettes of the GENT London pieces. Girl Scout Shoes will inject her unique style and bring fun, colour and a celebration of individuality to the runway!

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