Friday, 13 May 2011 20:31


Anam Naseer works smart. Following natures pattern she takes simplicity as her principle, then, branching into symmetry and sometimes manipulating asymmetry, she achieves the sublime.
Putting heart and soul into her work Anam sculpts her collections with unflagging fervour; combining elegant flare with attention to surface detail that hypnotises – drawing first the eyes, then unavoidably the desire to touch. If you want flashy or artificial you won't find it here. Anam excels in combining articulate brevity with an intricacy which satisfies the senses; somehow weaving a kind of active calm & raw intention. Seeing is believing and feeling is experiencing, both the quality and beauty of her work.

With a suitably excitable response to her collection at London Fashion Week in 2010, following success a year earlier at the London Graduate Week show Anam has showcased her talent at numerous fashion and charity events in and around the North West. Studying under notable names during her placements, the professionalism and eye for perfection she has developed has not gone unnoticed by the publications that have her pride of place on their front covers.
Recognised for their resplendent character Anam's pieces are grounded in a culture of alluring modesty, where although showing the whole isn't always necessary, sometimes more is less. With a resourceful understanding of versatility, her signature styled elegantly tailored accessories lend choice to all - transforming day to evening wear in a manner that transcends the conventional whilst maintaining a delicate balance of aesthetic harmony.

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