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AHDOOKEH is a Couture fashion label launched in 2005, in Lagos Nigeria under the creative direction of brilliant Designer Keji Fatai Agoro (KFA).

KFA studied in the United Kingdom at the prestigious Cobham Hall, Kent and then went on to Landsdowne Tutors in London for her 'A' Levels. She came back for a degree in Zoology at the University of Lagos, Akoka. But with a restless spirit and a continuous search for self, she veered course and went with all her being into the brand which is now called "AHDOOKEH".

'Ahdookeh' came about in her moment of self-discovery and inspiration which came in the form of a poem she wrote- "the journey of discovery started, love and support came from unexpected places kindness and friendship from unexpected sources, and I discovered myself. I found my purpose, my voice, my meaning the reason for my being".

KFA is passionate and committed about building the brand to worldwide recognition and apart from the few courses she took for pattern drafting and dress making, her main focus in embellishment is self-taught.

Ahdookeh produces two main collections every year and the signature brand and passion of the label is in the vibrant prints and Embellishment.
The pieces are created for women who are confident and adventurous, comfortable in her own identity and does not want to compromise on her strong sense of style. And therefore appreciates our timeless pieces of exceptional quality.

Although Ahdookeh is known for its signature couture pieces, it also has a ready-to-wear line of unique standout pieces:
  • Jackets
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Accessories
Ahdookeh sources its beads, sequins and gemstones from unique international manufacturers. Bead embellishment is Ahdookeh's trademark which is second to none in Nigeria.

The label is on the verge of a great explosion into the global scene, starting with a re-launch and more fashion shows across the globe which will raise the bar even higher to reach its full potential.

Showasing at Fashions Finest London Fashion Week show September 2011

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