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Kika Holanda Design

Kika Holanda Design Trevor Griffiths: iDeLick Media
KIKA's inspiration for Design began with, and continues to be Architecture, Fashion & Footwear which can be very constrained by tradition. With this new component to inspire and focus her, she remains cutting edge and able to move in new exciting directions, often Designing Buildings, Collections, and Product Samples, many seasons before "their time" It is this "sixth-sense" that assists in keeping her finger on the pulse. After all, setting trends is the name of the game when it comes to design, no matter what medium.

She is a very successful Designer, from student life with several awards from UNESCO from Literature, to Architecture and Professional Architecture career others awards from IAB, Brazilian Institute Architects and now she is in the semi final to Lycra Future Designers 2011.

KIKA is a natural risk-taker and a positive force to be reckoned with - able to see everyday situations and develop solutions for your BUSINESS and YOUR LIFE STYLE.

Born in Brazil has resulted a natural flair and zest for life, which is represented in all aspects of her work. Coming from a creative family background, it is second nature to her to push boundaries when it comes to ART & DESIGN, whether this is in relation to a Building, Fashion & Footwear Design or a New Exhibition.

Working with KIKA is about embracing new ideas; you are inevitably working towards the regeneration and invigoration of your Life Style via this Design anchor to your Building or Fashion Project.

After finishes her HND in Fashion Textile and Footwear, when went to a major operation which has changed her physical condition to become as a disable person with limits.

With strong personality and fight to live to have her live back on track after three years period with strong limitations.

KIKA translate her signature marks from Architecture Design to Fashion & Footwear, mixing textures and surfaces.

She is passionate about Design, Texture and Forms; Footwear is a small sculpture to her.

He has been collaborator for ABECA (Brazilian Footwear Association) where she provides trends designs.

Some work can seen at Brent Museum in London part of project Brazilian London Life Style.

Her work can seen at Stylists Book and Lancamentos Magazine and Exclusivo. Also she has been collaborator to Cosmic Model and Photographers doing Styling and for costumers.
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