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Maali is a UK/Nigerian based Fashion Label founded by Two Sisters. Maali- means 'Blessed' in Hebrew- a fashion label that blends the African and British culture, to create clothes that are effortlessly 'chic' yet quirky.

Maali works with local tailors in Africa to create exclusive garments for people around the world. Their inspiration is from everything around them from architecture to music, culture, film and television.

Maali creates what they want to wear, and provide for people like them the avenue to buy accessible and affordable clothing; intelligent people that are not afraid to take risks, to mix their clothes (Maali) with vintage/second hand clothing, with high street clothes or any other designer brands out there.
Maali cares so much about seeing their designs on the streets, and that is what they hope to achieve, a street brand for the youth; to represent the quirky- eccentric boy or gal who is not afraid to think outside the box, and who is not afraid to defy fashion.

Maali's latest collection is called 'Beyond Fashion'. This collection is inspired by the colourful dressing of the Fulani people of Nigeria.

Alheri is bringing her unparalleled experience of fashion and art through the art foundation course she took in Cambridge England, where she naturally fell towards fashion and architecture and since then has honed her skills in design.
Linda has a master's degree in International Fashion Marketing from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland where she studied different facets of fashion.
Maali helps children in Africa by donating a portion of their profits to the chosen Charity-Gweimen Center in Kwoi Nigeria (a self sufficiency centre for orphans living with HIV/AIDS. Consequently, when you purchase any Maali clothing you "bless a child".

Showasing at Fashions Finest London Fashion Week show September 2011

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