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Serene Debelle

Serene Debelle is a conceptual young brand that wants to dress women with "A Touch of Beauty and Serenity". Head designer Jacqueline Soglo creates pieces with a strong identity, mixing genres and cultures together.

Her 1920's collection portfolio shows strong experimental works where she sometimes merges the old and the new and at other times a somewhat minimalist silhouette highlighted with powerful colours and fabrics.

Jacqueline is going to keep exploring and expanding the brand's concept and representations within creative design at the London College of fashion this year.

When asked about her daughter's designs, her mother responds that she is proud and praises the moral and work ethic which her daughter displays. Especially because she finds inspiration in her family background and wants to create fashion from a personal perspective which embraces confidence and sophistication. "Her personality and lifestyle have been influenced by the close relationship between fashion and language as universal; people usually describe her as a Woman of the world".

Her education and works are influenced by her African traditions and values. Over the years she has built herself on these roots, with a blend of the eccentric and fast-paced Paris City life. She is proud to showcase her first collection in London, where she says "inspiration is around every corner".

Her work is at the crossroads between cutting-edge and sophisticated fashion, regardless of stereotypes and standards. Serene Debelle's collection reflects on 1920's modernism. Expect to see designs of an altogether cutting-edge, minimalist and flamboyant quality. She works to communicate her dreams and messages of uniqueness within diversity.

Showasing at Fashions Finest London Fashion Week show September 2011.

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