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Yes London

Blue Dream story began in one of the most productive areas of the Italian textile industry and was initially known for its leather and fur high production.

Thanks to professionalism, the reputation increased so much that it became a garments' supplier for important firms.

The name to give to the brand is already in owner's mind: YES LONDON. Fond of London because it's a city always in the vanguard in new trends and lifestyles, just like the brand he wants to launch.

The brand succeeded to stand out on national and international markets thanks to the eclectic designer's team headed by Gino Iavarone, to dynamic work style, to the managers' skills and relationship capabilities.

The group's ever-growing success comes also from an enthusiast young team, which through technical and productive know-how developed over the years has supported the great brand's increase.

The company's distributive policy is very selective and that's the why you can find their collections in most famous shops in Italy and all over the world.

Besides retail distribution in Greek, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, United States, Canada and Japan he most recently set up a second factory and distribution in Brazil Sao Paolo.

The target is to remain faithful to the brand's style and, at the same time, to seek a product always luxurious, innovative, dynamics and high sewing that could answer consumers' needs.

Gino has certainly become the epitome of classic fashion of Luxury. With product lines such as his leather and fur collection, Yes London dresses for the unforgettable Women, and even his house, which was featured in the AD Magazine; it makes us wonder who the man behind the label really is with his dynamism designs, which ultimately led to the fashion empire he leads today.

Yes London will showcasing on the 18th Feb, 2012 in The Westbury Hotel in Mayfair.

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