Wednesday, 25 January 2012 23:17


RougebyRachelle is 'independent woman' personified. The brand does not conform to the idea that women must bare all just to look sexy and be noticed. Unlike most brands Rouge takes current trends and makes it their own.

Many of the garments in the rouge range are what can be described as 'statement pieces' but they are structured in a way which still allows women to wear them in a subtle manner. The difference between Rougebyrachelle and other fashion houses is that Rouge encapsulates a type of woman. It captures the stigma attached to a confident and assured lady. Rouge is more than a brand it's a way of living.

There are two people behind this brand both co-founders. Rachelle(head designer) and Bourgeois (CEO). Having studied at the prestigious London College of fashion Rachelle has developed her skills in garment construction and also assist the head tailor in making the clothes. She brings a unique outlook to the brand whilst keeping her creations subtle and elegant. She draws inspiration from the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent. Bourgeois runs the business and is also in charge of the finances and all business related issues, he is also a vivid follower of fashion and assists in the creative direction of the brand.

Emerging designer RougebyRachelle will be showcasing at Fashions Finest London Fashion week show 18 - 19 Westbury Hotel Conduit Street, Mayfair, London. 

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