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ARG Trevor Fogah Griffiths
Currently studying at university of Bedfordshire in fashion design.

Ashana decided she wanted to become a designer November 2010, ever since then ashana has been dedicated to what she wants to gain which is to be a young top fashion designer eventually opening her own boutique. She started of with designing young female elegant and casual wear with no previous experience with fashion from changing her course from TV production. Ashana has done well naming her design label 'AGR' which comes from her full name Ashana Green Rose she chose to have both family names hoping to make her family proud as she is the baby of the family they are all counting on her.

She participated in a university fashion show event "Fashion is My Passion" 07 April 2011 which was her 1st show and 1st collection she gave herself the Challenge to design 8 garment within a month and she did it. Her collection was summer casual and party dresses.

From her experience she received good feedback and gained customers wanting birthday dresses and also wanting to buy some of her designs from the show. This was a very good start of for her and it made her determined to carry on and get her self out there, she then went on to organising her own show her aim of this was to show case and publish her self but also to do the same for other young designers and talented people. The show was combined with talented designers all showcasing different types of clothing. This was held on May 17th 2011 at the age of 19.

The name of the event was Heart where Ashana designed a new collection, which was summer/beach wear, designing maxi skirts and dresses. Organising her own show she done very well the show was a great success.

Ashana wasted no time over the summer she was very busy making and designing outfits for her customers. Also taking part in ACS kings and Queens's designer's completion having to design one male and 1 female outfit this is when she had decided she would now start on menswear.

The start of the year 2012 she was on to 2nd show and her 3rd collection which she had organised "fashion couture." A fashion show at her university with her new winter collection once again the show was a great success and gained more customers, connections and publicity.

Ashana is a determined young woman that strives to aim for her goal and just wants to be successful, she has been doing very well and tends to keep up to date with her designs and trends by restyling them. She has gained a lot of experience not just with designing but also by acknowledging the business side of things. Ashana will continue to aim for her goals within designing and gain as much experience that she needs.

Emerging designer ARG will be showcasing at Fashions Finest London Fashion week show 18 - 19 Westbury Hotel Conduit Street, Mayfair, London. 

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