Monday, 25 February 2013 22:17

N'kya Designs

Established in 2007 by Miss Sheila Boateng, N'kya Designs (pronounced NE KA YA) is a fashion house that specialises in merging two very different cultures to create an explosion of unique style and colour. N'kya Designs combines the colourful and self-expressive approach to life of the people in West Africa, with the contemporary forms of the western world, thus creating a very expressive style that simultaneously embodies the bravery of being yourself and the values of tradition.

Based in Accra, Ghana, N'kya Designs prides itself on being able to create pieces that are unanticipated and exciting.

Thanks to our unique and ever changing collection of exquisite materials everyone will find the clothes that fit his or her personality. N'kya Designs is a movement that is set on painting the world in a kaleidoscope of bold, vibrant colour combinations and dazzling patterns.

The collections are made up of fantastic wax print cotton fabric filled with vibrant colors that reach into the depths of your mind and bring your imagination to life. All fabrics used have been hand selected from the lively local Ghanaian markets and clothes are hand made by a great team.

In order to do our part in the fair trade movement all garments are custom made by highly skilled tailors and seamstresses who upon instruction produce pieces that brighten our days and light up our evenings. This generates a stable source of income for the team and as a direct result N'kya Designs is able to give back to the community from which she originates.

Everything that has the N'kya label exudes not just quality but Sassiness, Sexiness and Style.

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