Tuesday, 28 May 2013 14:34

Cassandra Amoré

Cassandra Amoré is the dream brand of designer; Cassandra Stephenson. The brand specialises in mosaic bags and shoes, whilst also maintaining a line in couture dresses. The Cassandra Amoré style is in part, derived from the inspirational work of Ed Chapman among other things. Chapman's work struck a chord with Cassandra's love of abstract art and sculptures in particular. The quality of Chapman's pieces and the variety of materials used, lead to a defining Eureka moment for Cassandra in 2011, and Cassandra Amoré was born.

Although still in its infancy, the Cassandra Amoré brand has received a plethora of positive feedback and interest. The unique use of mosaic tiles on shoes and bags, was a style which a lot of people said could not be done. Indeed, finding mosaic stockists willing to sell their tiles for such a project proved to be an almost impossible act. Cassandra received many knock-backs, some abusive comments and was told she would never get her idea to work, yet this only served to strengthen her determination to succeed.

Today Cassandra Amoré is a vivacious and eclectic brand with a penchant for exquisite design and exclusivity. Cassandra's high end bags and shoes are testament to her attention to detail and unique interpretation of what a bag or shoe can be. Her work is admired by bloggers and the fashion press, and is on track to become a leading designer brand of bags and shoes worldwide.

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