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Nico Didonna

What is the name of your fashion label?

Nico Didonna

When was it established?
The Company was established 6 years ago

Where are you based?
Soho in London

Tell us about your fashion background, how you got started?
I studied Fashion at London College of Fashion, where I graduated with a HND in Tailoring. I went on to establish my own collection, which was presented in the Islington Designer Centre, where I acquired some buyers and then went on from there. I now have a boutique in the heart of Soho.

Please tell us about your label
Nico Produces Directional, cutting edge, quality garments using innovative tailoring techniques with attention to detail. Aimed at customers who are looking for a unique product. Using only premium quality materials such as Egyptian cotton, Alpaca wool, silk and cashmere, Nico exploits these materials to their best advantage. Often using contrasting textures and colour to create a sense of modernity to his tailoring techniques.

How easy or how hard was it to get started?
It was difficult to find the funding, however it was made easier, due to there being a large amount of support for the industry.

What has been your greatest success to date within the fashion industry?
My greatest success to date is having my own boutique in the heart of Soho and also being involved in London Fashion Week.

Have you dressed or has anyone famous ever worn your designs?
Most recently I Dressed Peter Andre for his new Autobiography called 'My Words'. I have also styled Mark Owen from Take That, and the actress Emma Rigby. We also recently produced garments for the wedding scene in the new Harry Potter, Deadly Hallows.

What is the future vision and aim for your label?
To be recognised as an established brand.

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