Sunday, 12 January 2014 10:21

Vintage Icons

Isabel Wiseman began her career with a major fashion retailer in the 1950s, but it wasn't until she had started her family that she decided to try follow her dream of making clothes and start her own business. 

Self taught she starting with a small rail of self made fancy dressed costumes and developed the business until she had a team of 8 co-workers and 20,00 costumes. Her costumier business called Scena (derived from the Greek name for stage) had two sites, which were based in Cardiff and Bristol. She provided costumes to the public, the amateur stage and the BBC. By now she was taking styling tips from Yuki, Jean Muir and Dior and making use of these to make her own clothes.

However, moving up to London with her family was the reason for her to sell this business and retire. Isabel had a desire to remain creative, she then began a new business called, "Nines". She designed and made bespoke wedding dresses. This time she took classes at St Martins for pattern cutting and the London College of Fashion for Millinery.

In her seventies, she tried retiring for a second time and committed herself to buying houses, decorating them with her very particular taste, and then moving on. But it was during this period that a recurring conversation with one of her son-in-laws that brought her back to dressmaking and the desire to recreate those styles which either outlive fashion, or which are genuinely iconic, and so Vintage Icons was born.


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