Wednesday, 15 January 2014 13:47

PASYA Wearable Art

PASYA Wearable Art is a newly launched British couture brand based in Cambridge, designed to communicate and tell stories. It's about transforming luxury wool fibres into wonderful works of art. The aim is to create a unique, personal, magical, one of a kind statement pieces that emphasize and celebrate the the wearer's style inside and out.

The brand's invention and complete uniqueness of wearable art, hand-crafted in Great Britain to the highest standard with perfectionism, attention to detail and alluring finishing touches. Designed for a confident and individual woman with a romantic soul, who wants to express herself and her unique, inner vision. This is a response to the demand of some external voices: spirit, nature, family, friends.

Asia Prusinowska is a Polish born conceptual fashion designer-maker and textile artist, who graduated with a first class honours degree from Cambridge School Of Art in June 2013. Her creations are one-of-a-kind wearable art, self-expressive pieces. The philosophy of her design process is based on psychology, the human body, emotions and original textile work. As an artist she uses elements from a variety of art forms including performance art, body painting and abstract art to translate her designs from. She is interested in humanistic psychology and psychotherapy, such as: self-actualization, human being, holistic approach, self-development, spirituality, creativity, positive thinking and personal growth. She develops her ideas from her own life experiences - journey's actual and imagined, where seeds of a concept arise from memories, rich with feelings and mental thoughts.

Pasya Wearable Art specialising in hand-made fashion, accessories, bags, headwear and jewellery, available to order online at Etsy or via bespoke design service at .

Asia's unique collection 'MEMOIR' has been featured in Amsterdam Fashion Show, Cambridge Style Week, Velvet Fashion Show and few other places in UK. Her new couture collection 'Reflection' will be launched at London Fashion Week on 15th February 2014.

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