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Lorna Forbes

Lorna Forbes DESIGNER wedding co- ordinator, trained at Robert Gordons University , in Dress and Design. Aberdeen. 

From then forward for 7 years , Lorna taught Dress and design in secondary schools.

Having honed her skills , opened a business , called Exclusively Yours. is now working from Laurencekirk in Kincardineshire Scotland.

From early days Lorna was always making things, whether knitting or sewing or crochet, everything turned out well!

Drawing interesting images of clothes and designs, the beginnings were there amongst the fabric, the yarn, the stitches, even the drawings on the page. I guess we can say the designer was there from the early days.

A lifetimes on and the training undertaken, the time spent in her business, are now overtaken by the designs and ability to 'make' whatever your heart desires. It may be that you have a picture in your mind, or indeed are simply a blank canvas.

Lorna has the ability to create the very garment for your special day/occasion. Not just for brides and their grooms, but stunning creations like the Caledonia dress and more. Even for the tiny people in your life.

Sumptuous silks and colours of the rainbow and everything in between, you will find on your visit to Lorna at EXCLUSIVELY YOURS.

A joyous occasion and you will find that you are on your path to achieving that dream dress and more. Time will be spent on discussing your needs, wishes, desires and dreams. From your first step onto the EXCLUSIVELY YOURS path to the result, prepare to be AMAZED.

It has been a long journey for Lorna herself from those early days to now. Her qualifications are there for all to see, but the proof of all of this is in the exquisite garments being produced for people from all walks of life, Royalty as well. Now part of London's Fashion Week is indeed another exciting step onto another cat walk in life.

Talking to Lorna recently, she recalls her first design and make of a winter coat and hat for her younger sister. Lorna was 14 years old at the time !

This was cut from mohair fabric and had a hat to go with it.

All fully designed and sewn at this tender age. Her sister loved the coat, but the hat was something she never wanted to wear!

Not because of the design, just her dislike of hats!

She talked of those early days with passion and emotion.

Today, many moons on from those days, she is at LONDON

FASHION WEEK, with exquisite designs from her ROUGE ET NOIR collection.

So with a long track record of excellence in her craft, from the middle of the Mearns, to Damascus in the Middle East creations are developed daily.

Inspiration perhaps drawn from the scenery, the wispy clouds, the sea and spray, caught up in the soft fabrics, pure silks, lace and more, like gossamer wings, and as colourful as butterfly wings.

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