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Farah Fashion Design

Farah Fashion Design was officially established in 2011 and is based in Bamako, Mali. However, the talented and creative CEO, Farah Laljy-Gova, has been involved in the fashion, art and dance scene for over a decade. Farah's Indian background, Portuguese upbringing and years residing in West Africa have influenced Farah's use of fabrics, concepts, colors and designs. The company is based in Bamako, Mali and fuses African, Asian and European style.

One year after Farah Fashion Design was founded, the fashion industry in Mali invited Farah to participate in a multitude of fashion shows, including at the Centre Culturel Francais and the Sofitel Hotel. She was also chosen to be one of the final stylists for Miss Mali-France 2012. In 2013, she presented her collections at the Hotel Radisson Blu, the second annual "Carrefour de la Mode" hosted by Agence Mali Mode, and the Don Douman Festival at the National Park of Mali. In 2014, Farah was invited to be among the short list of designers at the official launch of the ACCM ("Alliance des couturiers et créateurs du Mali") and continues to be invited to numerous fashion shows, among them, the Agence Fashion House Mali and the International Festival of Selingue. Outside of fashion shows, she has appeared as a panelist on Maisha TV and was recently named president of the India-Africa Project in Mali which brings together creators, artists and professionals. She actively contributes to discussions on fashion technique and style trends in Mali and in West Africa.

After the release of her two official collections, "Just YOU" and "Milady", the eclectic and energetic designer was invited to present her last collection, "Trendy Africa" at Africa Fashion Week in Barcelona, Spain. Her collection was praised and she was invited to return in 2015. She will also be presenting her newest collection at Mali Fashion week in Mali and at Daoula Fashion week in Cameroon before the end of the year.

Farah continues to engage in creative and daring work, tailoring her designs not only to individual clients but also to the art and design community in West Africa and Europe.

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