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Charon is a luxury womenswear label by Edward Chung. Growing a very personal label with many layers of ideas and ambition, his manifesto in Charon lies in the desire to inspire intrigue and emotion in all aspects of its creation - to create garments one dreams of wearing, but is only too rare to find.

Designing had always piqued his interest even at a young age, but it was a high fashion advertisement of a mobile phone that evolved that interest into a passion. The rise of YouTube exposed him to theatrical runway shows by John Galliano that then solidified his dream to be a fashion designer. He gradually started to let go of the dream, opting for the more traditional route of attending University. Even then, however, he used it as an opportunity to explore another artistic side of his personality; namely, to study English Literature and Drama.

His fashion aspirations rekindled when his cousin asked him to design a capsule collection for an upcoming blog-shop. This experience led him to compile inspiration from his Tumblr, where he kept a portfolio of dresses, illustrations and ideas that he thought might be useful in future. Now, armed with a mind filled with imagination and ambition, he feels the need to express his world through fashion with his label Charon - a label named after the forgotten moon of the exiled planet Pluto.

Charon represents his world of imagination, to create clothes that are whimsical and practical. It also addresses that clothes for him, are first and foremost, meant to be worn. His upcoming collection is informed by the concept of a uniform, having had to wear them most of his life. In addition to its sleek, professional and clean look, he recognises how it endows a garment with the idea and comfort of dressing oneself without hesitation. This concept has a priceless value, as it makes one feel complete, confident and prepared to face the day. Charon groups together his influences; from the internet, to literature, and to drama.
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