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Jennifer Onah (London)

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Jennifer Onah (London) was established in Jan 2009 and is located in London
Jennifer Onah is 22 years old and has been studying fashion for 4 years now.She completed an art foundation at Cavendish College in Goode Street London and then went on to study a degree at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, UK. After completing the first year of her degree, she took a year out as her love for fashion was fading. She worked on the production team with the UK Film Council as a trainee in hair, make-up and costume design on the film 'Nowhere Boy' based on the life of John Lennon. She then went on to work alongside a dressmaker for a few months where she started her own label, which at the time was called J.Ona Fastcut dressmakers, then J.Ona Couture and today it's known as Jennifer Onah (London). She had learnt so much and decided she would return to university to complete her degree. She was ready to take what she had learnt about the construction and technology of garments and combine it with the design ideas/concepts and visions. She completed her second year with flying colours and now has one year left to complete her degree which she will start in September.

She Loves the Japanese language and Japanese culture and is a fan of the creative industries. She also likes to do a little hairdressing and to paint. She hopes to one day try her hand at interior and furniture design. She likes football but can't remember the last time she played, as she has little time these days.

She has showcased at 5 shows. The biggest being The African Caribbean Bridal Show in Manchester UK, hosted by Richard Blackwood (comedian and presenter) and the Models of Diversity Fashion Show and launch party at the Millennium Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

She hopes to showcase at fashion shows in conjunction with London Fashion Week and hopes to be good enough to feature in Graduate Fashion Week. She would also like to design her own footwear range and build her fashion empire.

She has a particular design that she would love to sell to Topshop and River Island but she can't seem to ever get to speak to the right people. She currently does made to order and has a steady flow of clients. She also likes to re-design and re-style old garments that clients want transformed into something wearable.

In the future she hopes to make it onto the big fashion stage alongside such names as Vivienne Westwood, Mathew Williamson and Yoji Yammamoto. It's very hard trying to get yourself out there when you're still just a student. It's hard work getting people to take you seriously and FUNDING it all is an even bigger problem.

If i had to describe the customer of Jennifer Onah (London) using just three words i would say: Confidant, Unique, Go-Getter!

Jennifer Onah (London) 

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