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My Fair Lady Lingerie

My Fair Lady Lingerie Nuno da Silva
The name of my fashion label is My Fair Lady Lingerie. It was established in June last 2009 and I am based on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent.

I always knew i wanted to do something fashion related but lingerie has always been something I was drawn to. I have a bit of a lingerie addiction and have been banned on quite a few occasions from buying anymore by my friends and family. Whilst deciding on Universities to apply to I got a leaflet in the post by chance which mentioned the contour fashion course at De Montfort University - The only degree course in the world to specialise in lingerie, underwear, bodywear and swimwear. I completed a foundation year in art and design at DMU and was accepted onto the contour course. i design and sell hand made to order, limited edition lingerie and nightwear which is aimed at people looking for something a little bit different from what is already available. My pieces tend to be a bit quirky. I think that there is definitely a gap in the market for pretty, feminine nightwear and lingerie which i wanted to fill.

The biggest hurdle when setting up the brand was funding and building up the brand awareness but I am very pleased with the way the brand is getting out there and how much it has grown in such a short time.

I wouldn't be able to pin point what I would class my greatest success to be but I would say the last few months in particular have been great. I have been selected to showcase my collection at numerous catwalks including the LGN Movida catwalk and summer soiree. There has recently been a lot of interest in the brand and a very positive response from the public. Over the coming months I have a lot of exciting projects coming up, lots of shoots planned. I am currently organising a Catwalk for Macmillan cancer support where myself and 5 other young designers will be showcasing their creations.

In 5 years time I would like to see My Fair Lady Lingerie stocked in boutiques. I would also like to introduce a diffusion line which I could have manufactured in a factory so that I could offer more affordable pieces to appeal to a wider market as well as selling the handmade collection.

My Fair Lady Lingerie 

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