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Fabricated Fashions

Fabricated Fashions MagicOwen

Jonathan Harris has a background in prototype vehicle fabrication having worked for 17 years in the Formula One industry. In 2013 he decided to go back to bespoke fabrication as It was returning to roots after a few years break. He was inspired by artistic fashion as a way to push his classic metal forming skills after being given an old copper water tank.

Influenced by flowing curves and classic lines of his first love, the Jaguar E-type, he handcrafts all his corsetry items using the traditional methods and hand tools to produce a modern take on fashion for today.

Using metal, his items are made to measure and each piece is tailored to the wearer. His methods of design and manufacture can also be used to emphasise shape or even exaggerate the figure. Meaning no two items are the same, taking on the unique personality of the person wearing it.

Future designs will feature other metals, composites and larger accessories. However the complexity will remain with some of his designs containing over 100 separate pieces.

Items are wearable but equally at home displayed on a mannequin as a work of art.

His work was first featured at Oxford Fashion Week last year and since then, in many fashion and art publications.

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