Sunday, 23 August 2015 21:08


AAugust is a new upcoming brand that was created by Emelda Mbulo and Suwilanji Katuka. Recently graduated in Fashion and Textiles our brand revolves around combining tailored clothing and textiles, They combine the two skills in unpredictable unique ways to create garments that are versatile in accordance to your personality.

The WARRIOR COLLECTION was inspired by multiple things, as black Zambian born women they both wanted to incorporate their culture and upbringing, this was the glue of the collection, they also wanted to concentrate on skin colour and what it means to be black in this society. Also inspired by the different representations of skin in non-biological ways. The male garments focused on masculinity and how we are able to make or mask masculinity at any given time using the garments we wear. This became exciting because it allowed individualism to become a subculture, giving us the opportunity to alter our appearance.
The female garments were inspired by the idea of “the ideal woman”, they didn't want to create an ideal woman’s collection, they wanted to create a collection that embodies the ideal woman. They want to inspire a generation to look at black women differently, to embrace and be acceptance of CULTURE.

AAugust prides itself in making bespoke garments with a twist. This collection has characteristics such as Defence, Identity, Tribe, Strength, Culture, Function, Absence, and Beauty these attributes build a sense of security and belonging. WARRIOR allows us to define character though clothing. “Fashion is born of instinct; it’s how you want the world to view you”

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