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What is the name of your fashion label?

When was it established?
Just starting, my Year one - 2010.

Where are you based?

Tell us about your fashion background, how you got started, why you got into fashion and the type of designs you do
I started drawing at a early age it was when i saw for the first time on TV a fashion show ( Yves Saint Laurent) that i knew that fashion was what i wanted to do. I design for all occasions including swimwear.

Please tell us about your label
Maninha, means little sister in Portuguese I am from Angola that's the country's official language. It also how my brother named me. My label is relatively new in fact i am just starting. I see myself as a fashion designer sister to all women therefore i try to offer them the best i can.

How easy or how hard was it to get started?
My love and Passion for the artistic aspect made it easy. The lack of funding was the difficult part but i learned that when you pursue your dreams and think positively you always manage to succeed.

What has been your greatest success to date within the fashion industry?
I designed and sold a LBD: little black dress the theme was the character in the Iconique movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. Audrey was the name of the dress. I sold to fashion journalists among others and my dress was one of the best selling among 10 others. The dress was sold at Brand Alley as part of a design competition organised by Fashion Capital on August 2010.

What is the future vision and aim for your label?
My aim is to be a trendsetter in providing high qualities designer clothes for women of all ages shapes and sizes. And establish a reputable and international fashion house.


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