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Sigrun was born in Iceland around the summer solstice in 1970. Her bed night stories didn´t come from Disney fairy tales but were adventures of Norse mythology and tales of trolls, elves and hidden people. Highly tuned with her heritage, culture and customs, she seeks inspiration from the personifications of natural wonders and entangles it with human emotion, history and characteristics.

Sigrun showed very early signs of a highly fertile imagination and became a keen craftswoman at an early age. She is constantly exploring new materials and methods for creativity as organic, sustainable and recycled materials are a definite favourite of hers.

Sigrun entered the world of fashion via leather craft as she learned to mould and print on leather, creating some head turning hats, bags and other accessories. She hit the catwalks for the first time in 2015 when she collaborated with another designer and in summer 2016, she received a request for a collection of whole looks for a UNESCO heritage site catwalk at a Mythological Art Festival in Denmark. Luckily for Sigrun, her mother who learned sewing and tailoring as a young woman was at hand and Sigrun was put under very intense learning. Arriving to Denmark with her creations, Sigrun made the headlines with her mixture of mythology and fashion and has not looked back since.

Her 2017 collection mixes female characteristics with natures own displays of beauty such as the depths of the ocean and the Aurora Borealis and uses materials such as feathers, birds feet, fish leather, volcanic ash, jewellery from the ocean and even incorporates electricity at times.

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