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Cristina Ghivnici

Creative designer Cristina Ghivnici started her namesake brand in May 2014 and remains the driving force behind the brand.

Born in a magical, timeless corner of Romania called Bucovina, Cristina has always been attracted by everything connected to colours and texture.

She was fortunate to come into the world in a quaint village, in times when playing involved being extremely creative. She spent her childhood playing in the amazing outdoors, curiously and continuously embarked on an adventure, discovering the world. Her toys were dried flowers, pieces of wood, off cuts of textiles and so on. She loved matching them and thinking up ways to use them and fit them in beautiful puzzles. Some were meant to be, others not, and sometimes she had to pay a price for thinking up odd combinations. Such as continuously having to explain to her mother why another pair of ripped jeans appeared.

In hindsight, her designer side was obvious since early years of age.
Cristina completed a master degree in European Studies in Poland, but after a short visit to London, she decided to relocate, eagerly seeing it as a chance to develop herself and her interests.

The turning point came at the end of April 2014, when she decided to pursue her keen interest in fashion. After all, the puzzle was complete. She now lived in one of the world’s leading style capitals, creativity was in her blood and the opportunity was knocking on her door. It all looked achievable and finally falling into place. It was time to share her vision of fashion with the world.

Equipped with a big dose of ambition, Cristina started to showcase around London and build her dream brand.

What sets Cristina apart, and connects her with the myriad of experiences in her life, is following an ethnically ( ETHNICAL) inspiration, and bringing all the magic of her homeland into timeless items of clothing.

The garments are adorned with floral motifs from Bucovina and create a beautiful blend of ethnic and modern.

In Cristina's vision, they appeal to confident, free spirited women who believe in the power of colour, love femininity and seek individuality. Her brand marries traditional inspiration to modern features to create unique, mesmerising collections.

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