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Réka Orosz

For the last 6 years Réka Orosz was the absolute favourite designer at Budapest Fashion Week.

What always made her creations different is that:

-She isn't afraid of dreaming colourfully.

-Every single piece is made by her till the last stitch. She designs, models and produces ...but on her own way, without using patterns

-Takes a great emphasis on the details, the supplements and the make-up.

-She can renew every year. Never ran out of new ideas, and after 18 years she can still develop.

-She designs for general people, for natural forms and not for zero-size models.

Although she has always striven to create pieces that can be worn too, her successful wonders of the stage couldn't have become part of the wardrobe of Hungarian people.

She has come to London, because she claims, it is the city of her colourful, playful dreams. To the question, how her last collection was born, Réka replied: I was just crumpling the textile... /Well, it sounds simple, but then again we should try!/ Floss, silk, whatnot, inspired into evening dresses for modern romanticists.

Light like a colourful dream, momentous and remarkable like a brave decision, gorgeous as only a woman can be Through the harmony of the colour-material-shape these timeless pieces tell us about the independent consciousness of the contemporary women, about the proud dignity of the women of days gone by, about the eternal woman's unfathomable mystery.

Let's be modern coquettes or even classical innocents, we sure will be conquerors by wearing a model created by Réka Orosz.
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