Thursday, 25 October 2012

Finding Luxury Rings to Match your Personal Style

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It goes without saying (but I'm saying it anyway) that all women have their own personal tastes and fashion sense and this will apply to more or less every facet of their wardrobe and jewellery box.

Accessorising outfits with jewellery is one of the best ways for any woman to showcase their personality, so it is important to buy jewellery that represents you and your tastes.

Luxury rings are set to be big this winter but which styles match your personality? Let's take a look at some different personality types and the perfect luxury ring for this personality:

The Show Off:

For those of you who don't like to be lost in the crowds and want to show off your style loud and proud, then oversized luxury cocktail rings (such as the stunning piece above) are definitely the ideal choice for you. Intricate designs, bold colours and bigger than the average size, luxury rings like the one above will certainly add a punch of style to any outfit that you rock this autumn and winter!

The Shrinking Violet:

Not every woman wants to be the centre of attention and for those who prefer to keep their look understated and demure, simple, stylish pieces like the beautiful 18ct white gold and diamond daisy ring above will tick all of the right boxes. Sophistication is important when it comes to style and when you buy luxury jewellery with the intention of enhancing your elegance, then rings like this are the perfect choice.

The Luxury Lover:

Luxury rings much such a loud statement about the wearer so it's important not to go OTT when it comes to wearing dazzling jewellery. For example, luxury statement rings like the exceptional 18ct gold, quartz and diamond ring above are perfect for formal events but won't be quite as suitable on shopping trips or relaxing around the house. It is all about finding the right occasion to wear rings like this – think cocktail parties, dates, weddings, fundraisers and other formal events.

For Colourful Characters:

Loads of women love to add a splash of colour to their jewellery and their accessories to help bring their choice of outfit to life and when it comes to picking colours for your jewellery, it's simply a question of matching the hues of your clothes to your choice of rings. Golds, ambers and pinks will be big in autumn and winter this year so the draw-dropping multi-sapphire and diamond ring above will find favour amongst winter fashionistas.