Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Nail Jewellery - New Trend For Spring/Summer 2013

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Nail art is one of the fastest growing markets in the beauty industry.

3D techniques are becoming more and more popular, yet we have to be careful to keep the design stylish and sophisticated.

I have learnt the trade 18 years ago and since then watched the new ideas develop and take shape. I have always wanted to achieve the perfection- a nail art that is noticeable yet still very elegant and timeless.

Using Nail Jewellery you achieve just that- whether I am doing my weekly shopping or attending a party, I get approached by women of various age, asking if they can have a closer look at my nails.

And the best thing is- the unique piercing method gives you the long lasting effect without the risk of losing your charm. All pieces are handmade- casted, not cheaply stamped using thin metal plates.

All jewellery is available in yellow gold, white gold, platinum or silver using Swarovski crystals, diamonds/brilliants, rubies or sapphires. Each charm is covered by lifelong guarantee and finished to match your specific requirements- the colour and position of the stone, the choice of metal and positioning of the post.

Nail Jewellery UK is a wholesaler supplying salons and other professionals. With over 40000 combinations and wide range of prices, you can offer a perfect charm to each of your customers.

NJUK also offers two extra services:

VIP bespoke charms- we can design unique charms to the specific requirements of the client. Those are one off pieces no one else will have or wear.

There is no limit to the range of possibilities based on Client's imagination and the value of the charms.

Celebrity lines- there is an option to design a line of charms branded by a celebrity, with pieces exclusive only to this collection.

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