Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Unseen to the world

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Vlisco Nigeria
Introducing our bold new fabric collection: Réflexion Optique, enriched with spectacular colours, geometric patterns and playful optical illusions.

The Unseen campaign. The key behind our new campaign is that any woman adorned in our new collection Réflexion Optique is able to reflect and unveil every side of her personality – ensuring she will never be unseen to those around her. It's a concept that's brought vividly to life in our campaign imagery. The model expresses every side of her spirit with Vlisco. Playfulness, nonchalance, flamboyance, empowerment; each one revealed through a different mirror. What was unseen is now revealed. A true reflection on her soul.

Eye-catching. Every fabric of Réflexion Optique is alive with angular forms unveiling layer after layer of shape, form and complexity. Look closely and will always see something new – such is their richness of design aesthetic.

Hypnotic illusions. In our new collection we've brought many fabrics to life with the trompe l'oeil effect. Two-dimensional shapes appear to be three-dimensional. What appears to have physical depth, is in fact flat – bringing a wonderful dynamism to every design. Our team has also brought the moiré effect to bear on a number of fabrics so even when a Vlisco lady is stood still, the fabric seems to move before your eyes.

A fresh colour expression. For this collection we have introduced a brand new colour palette for Vlisco – romantic pastels. This ensures Réflexion Optique is all the more exciting, all the more 'unseen'. The experience can be likened to the visual joy of the Hortensia flower. One time you gaze upon it and it appears to be purple, another time and it's pink and again it's blue. This delightful perplexity ensures the colourful beauty of the fabrics never give rise to boredom. They are a unique joy time and again. They are always unseen.

Embracing the past. Defining the future. We've also breathed fresh life into our classic fabrics with new collection colour stories. This gifts them with a modern interpretation creating all the more opportunities for sartorial originality. It also allows those who fell in love with the original fabrics, to fall in love with them all over again.