Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Technology and fashion: blurred lines

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Designer Matthew O'Brien
Jean-Christophe Hermier
Technology has, until recently remained very separate from fashion with a defining line between the two.

But there has been a shift towards fashion within the technology manufacturing industry in the last few years that is becoming more and more difficult to ignore.

It started off small, with mobile phone covers and laptop cases becoming more and more fashionable, able to be personalized, or matched to one's sense of style. However, it is now becoming possible to follow fashion without buying accessories. In fact the technology itself is becoming the accessory of choice.

Apple caused a stir recently by offering its new model of iPhone 5S in a daring Gold colour, along with the usual white and gunmetal grey. Gold is the colour of choice in the fashion world, and Apple's premium offering caused a massive rush for the new colour, causing waiting lists for the product. Its more wallet friendly offer, the 5C also came in a range of bright and distinct colours.

So, is fashion becoming more and more important in technology? With the appointment of Burberry's former CEO Angela Ahrendts recently becoming Head of Retail Operations at Tech giant Apple, it seems so. The appointment of Ms Ahrendts caused a stir in the Technological world, as it shows a shift in dynamic at the heart of Apple.

So what's next? It is becoming increasingly clear that wearable technology is becoming more and more fashionable. Two of the big players in the industry, Samsung and Sony have brought out watch style mobile phones which enable some operations to be carried out from the small screen worn on the wrist.

The Galaxy Gear, manufactured by Samsung, pairs with the Galaxy note to offer a smart and fashionable option for receiving notifications on the go without having to get your phone out of your pocket to check it. It comes in a range of colours and enables the wearer to combine accessories and technology inn a new and stylish way. The Sony Smartwatch offers a similar service.

So where do we go from here? Technology is always advancing, and the changes and innovations in these new advances are making it easier and easier to tie in with the latest fashions. Are we to see a new combination with one of the big fashion houses exclusively tied into one of the top Tech firms? Will we be wearing smart jackets, smart hats and smart glasses, with Dior frames and designs and Apple Technology? Time will tell, but we can say for sure that the lines between fashion and technology are now blurred so much its hard to see where one ends and the other begins.
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