Monday, 25 November 2013

Unreal Fur

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The concept of animal fur and skin is always going to be a deep rooted fashion, cultural and ethical issue.

However, winter has struck and whether we like it or not: the furs are out.

I love the very sharp and blatant collection of 'unreal fur' which has created statement pieces accommodating this season's 'shaggy' obsession as well as the 'not-so-fussy' velvet-like texture plus the classic sheepskin. These are the types of outerwear that will never go out of fashion and will undoubtedly add the Hollywood glamour to any outfit.

Personally, I feel that the sheepskin waist jacket is much more casual than the rest and to be paired with a long sleeved top underneath, some skinnies and boots would make the perfect 'errand running but still looking amazing' outfit for people ranging from their teens to forties! It's brilliant, warm and stylish, not bad for the British weather.

I really really really love the dip dyed white and black unkempt jacket as I'm quite a 'leather lover' and my favourite trousers, Zara, would be perfect with this jacket. It is not uncommon to see a fur jacket in one complete shade but to have the two after the whole 'hair ombre and dip-dye season' (to which I am proud to say I resisted) just seems very 'now' and I'm sure it'd look very pretty hanging in my room. I'm definitely pro-faux fur and this collection will be successful I'm sure.

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