Friday, 29 November 2013

Grunge Meets Punk

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We are all very aware of the 'grunge' movement and the impact it has had recently on both the high street and in high fashion.

Leather dresses, killer spikes on shoes, studded jackets and the list goes on. Well this collection from Qulit is giving us grunge meets punk with the fluorescent and the metallic holding hands in a studded embrace.

It's brilliant! Very 'out there' where only Fashion's Finest - excuse the pun – will showcase the crafty textile pieces. I'd go as far as saying it's quite a daring move to walk around your local shops with spikes projecting from your hips but I'm sure congratulatory glances will be passed onto you from the 'IT' crowd – the fashioneistas.

I wish so very badly that I had the red leather t shirt to add to my closet. Yes I'd go as far as saying it is beautiful and I know for a fact no one close to me has anything both red and leather. Black jeans, some slouchy low crotch trousers, midi skirt... my list is endless! But definitely make sure this stays the statement piece of an outfit, there's no fun in overdoing things and looking like a try hard instead of a 'try-hard-to-be-like-me'...