Friday, 06 December 2013

Frills by AD boutique

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I for one have never been able to grasp the 'cutesy' frilly socks with sandals, boots, trainers etc. due to Primary school nightmares.

I remember matching my frilly socks with my awful Summer school dress and it simply scares me to think it might be a trend.

However, I can see how it came about. After all, mixing opposites together normally works a treat; leather and lace as a prime example. But finally there is a wonderful designer who has put their own stamp on these frilly nightmares replacing the lacy frills with African and checkerboard prints! I think if you usually go for the 'tough girl chic' then these are a much better alternative to school girl's hell.

Funnily enough, the initial idea for these socks actually came from every girl's familiarity with the school socks! Frills by Ad describe themselves as 'modern, quirky and fun' – have to say I agree!

I really love the black knee highs and I think with a pair of super grungey, roughed up boots, they'd be the icing to pretty much every cake. Every pair of socks is hand-finished by a seamstress which adds that little extra personality to the socks and I hope it forever stays this way.

So here they are, I am proud to present Frills by AD boutique available to buy now in the ASOS Marketplace!