Monday, 16 December 2013

December is all about sequins!

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Many believes that a new chunky fur coat is a must-have for this winter.

While a statement jacket is going to be just as important for those who wants to make a certain event extra special. The sequin jacket, is a definite winner for your wardrobe, as it will add so much glam to your outfit whether you're wearing it in the daytime, or in the evening! Being centre of attention is always a good thing when it comes to what you wear, as you want to stand out from the crowd. But making sure that you have a good balance of everything and not just turning up to an event, looking like you're wearing a pile of what is currently 'in trend', then you might be seeking for the wrong attention!

Wearing a sequin jacket with a simple tee and dark skinny jeans will allow your garment to shine even brighter. And at the same time, you're actually getting away with wearing such daring piece in the daytime! And for the evening, a little black dress with a neutral clutch will merge all of the pieces together, as something vibrant will make an outfit feels too busy. Then finish off with a classic pair of black pumps, but if you want more volume to your outfit, then go ahead and grab a pair of studded heels! And don't forget the red lips - other than that, you're ready to party!