Monday, 03 March 2014

The Magic of Mukluks: Tough, Versatile and Trendy

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With still a few more months to go, this winter has already brought freezing temperatures and record breaking snowfall.
This means you need to rely on your heavy coats, accessories and warm footwear to ward off the cold and moisture when you're going out. According to fashion-forecasters, the mukluk is a must-have accessory for Fall/Winter 2014. They're fashionable, flexible and warm, but what are they?

A mukluk is a soft boot, traditionally made from seal or reindeer skin. They originated with Aboriginal men and women in the Artic who wore them to keep their feet warm and dry in the brutal Arctic temperatures and piles and snow. Mukluks are also lightweight, which is ideal for hunters who need to move quietly and quickly when stalking their prey.

Modern versions of the mukluk are not made from reindeer or seal skin, but they're just as warm as the traditional versions. To fulfil fashion demands, manufacturers use pompoms, fur, and beads to adorn the soft boots and the soles are outfitted with contemporary materials made for walking on city streets. Monitobah is a leading name in the manufacture of mukluks, moccasins and other authentic Aboriginal accessories. The styles are varied, and many of them transcend several seasons and fashion choices. But how do you wear them and fit them into your existing wardrobe? Read on to find out.

Some tips for wearing Mukluks

Here are some tips for including these fashion forward shoes into your personal and professional wear.

Go for a non-traditional color

If you fancy wearing your boots to the office, you might want to skip the traditional brown versions. Brown leather or suede is the obvious choice if you're going for a classic look, but Mukluks are available in a few other colors. For instance, a black mukluk is more streamlined and will add sophistication to your office wear and won't detract from your outfit.

Lighten up on the accessories

If you purchase a moccasin or mukluk with beads, fur and other embellishments, it's best to tone your outfits down. Skip heavy jewelry and other accessories to keep your look classic and elegant.

Choose your clothing wisely

Mukluks will draw attention not only to your feet but also your outfit, so choose your clothing wisely. For instance, a short skirt will look shorter when you're wearing calf-high boots and form fitting pants will look much tighter if you wear moccasins.

Transform from day to night

Swap out your daytime skirt or leggings for a lightweight blouse and form fitting pants for an evening out. Your mukluks or moccasin will transform right along with your outfits as long as you choose the right color and style.

Staying on trend

Mukluks have been adapted to keep them modern while retaining some elements of the past. Every season brings a new line of mukluks that incorporate modern style trends. Here are some of the trends you should watch out for this winter.

Original versions

These boots stay true to the original mukluks worn by Native Americans. They may not sport embellishments and pompoms but are available is various materials and colors.

Half mukluks

These are shorter than the traditional boots and are best if you want to create a sporty look. A lot of the designs are Aztec inspired and are available in shades of brown, black, grey, charcoal and taupe.

Wrap mukluks

Inspired by the Inuits, wrap mukluks are so named because of the thick fur that's wrapped around the boots. The suede ribbon, attached at the top of the boot, adds style, pulls the look together, and closes the fur opening.

FitFlop mukluks

FitFlop mukluks are designed with comfort and warmth in mind. They're made from shearling (sheepskin), which allows air to circulate and keep moisture away from your feet. For a casual but fashionable look, a FitFlop mukluk is the way to go and they're widely available at many stores including the John Lewis online store.

Wedge mukluks

Wedges are popular this season so you could rock your wedge mukluks at work, during the day, or for an evening out. Dress them up or down if you wish and the various colors mean you could purchase a few to fit in with your entire wardrobe.

Mukluks have come a long way. Today, there are styles to complement most outfits, but it all comes down to choosing a style with your wardrobe and comfort in mind.

Written by Guest writer Ruby Richards