Thursday, 20 March 2014

Charlotte Olympia’s birthday present to you

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Forget your birthday suit; Charlotte Olympia presents us with a new alternative to celebrating your birthday through what you choose to wear or not to wear if you prefer the birthday suit option.

With hand-painted gold emblems decorated with Swarovski crystals (only adding to how precious these shoes really are), Charlotte Olympia's 24 piece collection pays tribute to both the Western and Chinese zodiac, with each pair of suede shoes designed specifically to represent every sign. A lion for the Leo's, a bow and arrow for the Sagittarians and a ram for the Arians to name just a few examples, as well as all 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac which are carefully trimmed with the traditional Chinese red silk braid for added detail; Olympia honours the traditional symbols for each star sign. Not only are they incredibly feminine, but if like me you are a little bit scared to venture into the world of bright accessories this summer, Charlotte Olympia's smoking slippers will allow you to do so with a personal, unique touch. With colours ranging from baby pink to mustard yellow, each design is individually crafted to allow your shoes to say a bit more about your personality than they debatably would do usually. And just in case you aren't quite brave enough to embrace the vivid hues of summer, don't panic; the collection features more subtle tones ranging from a light grey to a dark navy.

Each pair of shoes comes with a little horoscope book too just to fill you in on what your allocated star sign really says about you but nobody else needs to see the book now, do they?