Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The classic white shirt

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The classic white shirt; you already have one, want one or quite frankly need one.

It's a timeless investment that is always making some sort of an appearance amongst the latest trends and it seems this season is no different. Although not a prominent feature amongst the collections revealed during fashion week, numerous subtle appearances across various notable collections offer a modern, innovative adaptation of the classic white shirt.

With a Spring/Summer collection featuring a melange of feminine designs with touch of masculinity, Victoria Beckham introduces us to her transformation of the traditional white shirt for this season. Although choosing to honour customary feminine tailoring, Beckham combines triangle panelling with complementary fabrics to add intricate, geometric detail to a conventionally simple garment, providing a delicate, feminine finish.

Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios opts for more of an informal approach to renovating our beloved classic with their maritime theme collection. Presenting a loosely fitted, unbuttoned shirt (as if finally executing some form of rebellion following years of being badgered by teachers to 'do your top button up') Acne presents a casual, epicene alternative for those of us who dislike the habitual rigidity shirts can often possess.

Although Acne's creative director Jonny Johansson ventures offshore for inspiration for his collection this season, Preen's founders and chief designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi explore the art of interior design. Tweaking the standard rules of tailoring, Thornton Bregazzi take a white short sleeved shirt and exchange the model French front placket for asymmetric fastening with laser cut detail, adding a slight alteration to our beloved classic for those of us who can deal with a tinge of alteration, but not too much.

For those of you who like any opportunity to wear a dress (even with the unpredictable British weather) this season sees a revival of the shirt dress with Nina Ricci's creative director, Peter Copping, providing us with a prime example of how to achieve glamorous androgyny. Gathered at the waist and therefore falling freely at the hips for added comfort, Nina Ricci's white shirt dress with a slight Victorian feel reverts back to historic femininity, offering yet another example of how to embrace the classic white shirt this summer.

These few examples prove it doesn't matter what the occasion, the classic white shirt can be your go-to garment every time. Providing suitable solutions for incorporating the timeless white shirt into your Spring/Summer outfit, these designers confirm there is no excuse not to have one occupying a valid space in your wardrobe.