Thursday, 03 April 2014

The Bomber Jacket Blitz

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Who said you had to be a pilot to wear a bomber jacket? Well this season, no-one. This year's summer trends witness the invasion of the beloved nineties classic; the bomber jacket.

Initially designed for pilots during World War One, the bomber jacket experiences a feminine revival this season thanks to various eminent designers who convince us that this particular item is a lot more versatile than you may think

Inspired by 1950's Hollywood beauty, Marilyn Monroe, Prabal Gurung's Spring/Summer collection aims to safeguard the elegant woman in contemporary society; a figure he believes is facing gradual extinction. Gurung's cropped satin bomber jacket in a light pastel green takes a traditionally masculine look and creates a softer, epicene alternative. Teamed with a matching satin midi pencil skirt, Gurung proves that the bomber jacket isn't a piece solely designated to the tomboys amongst us.

But it appears soft pale colours are not the only way to effeminate the bomber jacket this season, as Jonathan Saunders demonstrates with his collection. Providing numerous examples of how to modernise the bomber jacket this season, one of Saunders' most distinct designs features a dainty melange of satin shell pink with a large motif exhibiting a bouquet of peach coloured flowers which dominates the obverse. Saunders teams his jacket with a double tier pleated midi skirt, showing us how to create modern elegance with a hint of nonchalance.

Jonathan Saunders is not alone with his exploitation of the floral concept in order to assist his renovation of the bomber jacket this season. Canadian born designer Erdem, presents us with a monochrome collection proposing a black bomber jacket featuring intricate floral embroidery, with colours ranging from a daffodil yellow to an occasional hint of pastel green. The combination of embroidery alongside the black sheer sleeves maintains the garment's delicate qualities, giving us a visual tutorial on modern romance. Contrasted with a leather pleated midi skirt, perhaps Erdem is encouraging us to blend the hard with the soft this season.
Never afraid to be bold, French fashion house Balmain tackles two trends this season in just one piece, with their memorable monochrome houndstooth bomber jacket. Teamed with matching slim-fit trousers and a black sheer polka dot shirt, Balmain's adaptation is not designed for the fashionably shy ones amongst us.

And last but certainly not least (after all, they do say save the best until last dont they? But that's up to you to decide) Victoria Beckham opts for an unadorned yet chic approach to the bomber jacket, marrying pure white silk and sheer fabric sleeves to evoke a sense of contemporary elegance with a subtle hint of masculinity. Combined with a white flared trumpet skirt and a crisp white shirt, Beckham delivers a very satisfying, sophisticated alternative for those of us who prefer the simple (but very stylish) things in life.

So I guess only one question remains; which style will you be going for this season?