Monday, 14 April 2014

You can never have too much of a good thing.

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Tribal, floral, polka dots, stripes; summer always witnesses an onslaught of such classic patterns inhabiting our wardrobes.

More often than not we've already picked out which neutral garments we are going to team them with before we've even made it to the till...but not this season. 

Now, the monotone item and patterned piece combo has become a (temporary) thing of the past. From baby blue houndstooth to satin floral, this season's designers are inciting a renaissance of the patterned two-piece, encouraging us to abandon simplicity and adopt a daring, confident attitude to our daily attire (with a few subtle proposals for those who don't want to go the whole nine yards)
Interminably dedicated to delivering unique, bold garments season after season, Balmain's creative director Olivier Rousteing provides yet another collection advertising an array of fierce shapes, textures and prints; houndstooth being the prominent pattern for this particular collection.

Making an impact with his eighties themed collection, Rousteing blends a slouchy bomber jacket with a cotton pencil skirt, both occupying a baby blue houndstooth motif, giving the sharp pattern a soft, feminine edge.
Rousteing may be inducing an eighties revival with his collection this season but Carven's chief designer, Guillaume Henry, is more interested in what the nineties had to offer, presenting us reworking classics from this particular decade.

Revealing an unlikely melange of nineties grunge with hints of femininity, Henry's collection features a satin blazer and button-up mini skirt, both coated in a light floral motif, taking a subtle approach to the matching two-piece. Henry's light grey satin floral two-piece hosting glimpses of baby pink and fresh lime green demonstrates how uniting patterned separates does not have to be as overpowering as may be expected.

Eradicating any signs of minimalism which may have existed within previous collections, French fashion house Céline blends a palette of vivid colours with bold, expressive paintbrush strokes to reveal a liberated, expressive Céline woman this summer. Céline's two-piece ensemble features a short sleeved loose fitted shirt and a sheer pleated midi skirt, both hosting the paint design. Featuring vibrant strokes of red, yellow, green and white, Céline teams the items with black accessories, allowing the pattern to dominate the stylish masterpiece Céline has created for us this season. 
Céline's women may be experiencing a wave of emancipation this season, but Sportmax's collection produces a graceful approach to this particular concept for its clients, promoting modern elegance thanks to designer Laura Lusuardi.

With polka dot making numerous notable appearances throughout the collection, Lusuardi's stone beige polka dot two-piece featuring a loosely fitted silk crop top and tight silk pencil skirt presents a subtle, stylish approach to the pattern ensemble this season. Lusuardi finishes the outfit with black open toe sandals, evoking an air of casual sophistication.

Although the prospect may seem quite daunting at first, the patterned two-piece is more than worth a try this season.