Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Reut Seagel

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Although statement jewellery is a versatile, often elaborate piece able to improve any outfit, from time to time something a little more delicate is in order.

On these occasions', goldsmith and jewellery designer, Reut Seagel's handmade collection of contemporary jewellery, consisting of a selection of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets, offers an original, elegant solution.

Utilising an array of materials, including metal, fabric and precious stones, Reut Seagel opts for a simplistic structure when constructing her pieces, emphasising the beauty of minimalism through her work. Seagel's items are often fabricated using sterling silver or goldfield combined with 24 carat gold plating over a brass base.

Movement plays a key role in the collection, adding an interesting dimension to Seagel's work. By manipulating chosen materials in order to evoke an impression of motion and dancing, Seagel creates powerful modern looks which maintain the simplicity she strives to promote through her work.

With the summer season fast approaching, a period usually brimming with weddings and formal events, Seagel's chic jewellery compliments all female attire for such occasions as well as more informal outfits such as a casual jeans and t-shirt ensemble, emphasising the adaptability of Seagel's collection. Thanks to the classic appeal of her work, Seagel's jewellery also makes the perfect, unique gift for loved ones.
Seagel's innovative items are dominant in appearance but simple enough to be placed with any outfit, both day and night.

Reut Seagel's jewellery is available to buy at www.reutseagel.etsy.com