Monday, 07 July 2014

The Bikini...

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Heading to the beach this summer? Or maybe you're planning to lounge by the pool on a stylish city break?

When the idea of a relaxing summer holiday springs to mind, most women (including myself) will picture a deck chair and tequila, as well as that feared/adored item of clothing: the bikini...

Most women regard this revealing yet popular item of clothing with horror, while others eagerly envision themselves sunning by the pool in a teeny two piece. Even though we don't all have Heidi Klum's body, there is nothing wrong with feeling and looking good in a bikini or a swimsuit. First of all, getting that bikini ready body takes preparation whether it be a strict diet or an expensive waxing session! It's a hassle I admit, but a bikini has more to do than just showing off your body, it's about feeling comfortable and happy with the skin you're in.

I am most defiantly a bikini lover, but can understand the fear which eclipses our minds when trying on two rather small pieces of material. Yet, shopping for bikinis can be fun and revitalising. For the best high street two pieces try H&M who have a stunning range of halter necks, bandeau and tasselled bikinis in striking colours with a great price tag. Marks and Spencer's also have a great selection, with optional high waisted styles to hide any embarrassing body parts. The truth is, when you're on a packed beach in Malaga, nobody will be scrutinising your body while sipping piña coladas! The beach is a place to have fun and relax, so just go for it if you have those self conscious pangs of insecurity; you won't be the only one!

Now for those of you who absolutely loathe the idea of a bikini baring your soul, there is a fantastic solution which offers the best of both worlds: the kaftan. A stylish cover up which is always super on trend, the kaftan looks great with a tan and is loose and refreshing to make you feel comfortable yet summery at the same time. Topshop have some great options on sale at the moment while you can't go wrong with Banana Republic for holiday sophistication in cool cotton. Or even better, wherever you're holidaying head down to the beach side market for some wonderful, colourful kaftans in an array of designs - and you pick up a souvenir!

Have I conceived you yet? Chances are if I haven't, you will probably always be sceptical and I don't blame you! Every year this topic arises and every year us women fly into a fashion frenzy while trying to find the perfect bikini fit. All I'm saying is, let 2014 be the summer you try something new and take the plunge in a sizzling two piece, you never know... you actually might like it!