Monday, 14 July 2014

The resort collection by Jasper Garvida for Éthologie

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The resort collection by Jasper Garvida for Éthologie is inspired by the angles and shades of our world's architecture exploring reflection through metallic detailing.

Based on a monochrome colour palette, the collection takes a trip back to the 60s with leopard print panelling and a minimalistic design.

The collection is all about texture, creating colour through metallic materials but keeping the design clean cut. Translating the purity of light, the use of oyster shells has created a delicate shimmer in three main pieces of the collection. The monochromatic style gives a definite line between the harsh shadowing and the light reflection with delicate fabrics in between to soften the angles and textures. The bold leopard print design pulls out the sixties style and sharp angles defining a strong feminine figure and confident walk.