Friday, 02 January 2015

Trend Report – Undergarments as Outerwear

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A fashion direction that has become hugely popular since the 1980's is wearing underwear as outerwear.
Like it or not, this dare-to-bare trend is here to stay with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Lady Gaga all channelling their own versions, setting controversial trends for us to follow how we see fit.

Dare to Bare... it was the 80's!

Lingerie worn on the outside rather than merely underneath clothing initially became popular when Madonna would often be seen sporting a conical bra teamed with a skin-tight girdle. This soon became one of her most infamous stage outfits throughout the 80's era. At the time, this choice of outfit was deemed to be extremely daring by the media and the general public. Skimpy stage costumes certainly made Madonna memorable in terms of 'shock factor' dressing, and she paved the way for confident women of future generations to come.

Romanticizing the Lingerie Trend

Since then, the underwear as outerwear trend has continued to grow, with many people still looking to their favourite designers and celebrities for style guidance. The difference now though, particularly from 2010 onwards, is that there is a nod to subtle and romantic wardrobe pieces rather than the garish and outright obvious. Haute couture designers like Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood are both perfect visual examples for how catwalk fashion has re-vamped itself in terms of integrating lingerie elements into modernized collections. Negligees worn underneath winter coats, and bra tops worn over the top of smart shirts are just some of the runway looks that women have taken note of over the years.

Have Fun with this Outspoken Style Movement

Playing around with outfit choices is where the fun can really begin for ladies who wish to add a luxurious lingerie element into their outfits. You may have just spent a whole month's salary on a brand new designer corset or bra top by Camilla Franks, or a Stella McCartney bodysuit - in which case it's completely understandable to want to show off your undergarments and wear them in a way that is likely to set a trend instead of just following one. If worn correctly and styled elegantly, it is possible to create a look that is subtle. You can choose to wear a sheer blouse or a layered skirt over the top of your lingerie if you're not so boldly inclined. This is a trend where anything goes, but it must be done right to avoid looking like a lady of the night.

If you're a novice to wearing your favourite lingerie outdoors, you might like to start off gradually by choosing textures which are relevant such as lace, satin and silks.

There are many bespoke retailers among the modern fashion and retail markets which offer only the finest quality and choice of boudoir-inspired staples for females of all shapes and sizes. But if you're looking for variety, prestige craftsmanship, as well as value for money and cutting edge design, it's definitely worth shopping around online in order to cater to all of these factors.