Sunday, 05 April 2015

Ultimate Style: From Naomi Campbell

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If you follow celebrity style at all, chances are you have heard a thing or two about Naomi Campbell.

Naomi Campbell is a famous fashion model, celebrity, and style goddess.

You may have spotted her on the catwalk, red carpet, or your favorite talk show. Here we will look at three things that everyone and anyone can keep in mind to help you get her signature celebrity style. No matter how you currently dress you can vastly improve your style by taking just one page out of Naomi's book.

Tailor, Tailor, Tailor

Naomi Campbell has a style that is sleek and modern. How does she do that? By opting for finely tailored clothes, of course. You would be very surprised at how purchasing finely tailored clothing (or clothing that can easily be tailored to the perfect fit) make you look better and feel more confident. You will look slimmer, as well as younger in such clothing. Take a lesson from Naomi's style. Go for pencil skirts, fitted blazers and jackets, skirt suits that are tailored, as well as trousers that create a streamlined silhouette.

Go for Neutrals

At one time, Naomi Campbell might have been known for wearing daringly bright outfits. But these days her style is all about the neutrals. You are much more likely to see this celebrity sporting grey, black, white, or silver over the wild tones other models sport. Choosing these classic colors make Naomi seem timeless. Think tones like Jackie Onassis or Marilyn Monroe would favor. With these you can never go wrong, no matter the season. You can easily elevate your neutral colored outfits to the next level with a simple pop of color in your accessories, shoes, or with fun embellishments.

Understand That You Wear The Clothes...

One of Naomi Campbell's trademarks is her great, fun loving personality. If you want to achieve her celebrity style, remember that the clothes never wear you. You should always appear to wear the clothes. This is a style commandment that Naomi Campbell herself endorses. Do not let fashion get in the way of your own style, personality, or your life. Instead, use style as a way to create dialogue about these things that you can share with others. With enough practice, your style can speak volumes about who you are as a person. Just as Naomi's style speaks volumes about her.