Wednesday, 22 July 2015

luxury fitness brand Charli Cohen

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‘Contemporary active wear, combining high perfomance functionality with innovative design.’

For those of us who regularly workout, we all like to wear comfortable, light easy clothing when hitting the gym or taking a quick jog. In fact, feeling good in what you wear while burning the calories is fundamental to boost your own confidence and give you more flexibility when moving about.

British designer, Charli Cohen had exactly those feelings at heart when she set up her own fashion/fitness business in 2012, specialising in ‘ergonomic, high-performance sportswear.’ With a background in personal training and the acclaimed title of ‘Womenswear Student of the Year’ award at Kingston University, Charli set up her contemporary label for those wanting an injection of style into their workouts.

Years later and Charli’s self titled luxury fashion brand, ‘Charli Cohen,’ is growing from strength to strength, with her online store launching in August 2015. Her pieces have featured in magazines such as ELLE, Grazia and British Vogue - modelled beautifully by supermodel Kate Upton to catwalk shows, packed full of eager fashion press. And with her exciting, inventive blog,, followed by flocks of dedicated fitness fans, Charli Cohen’s fashion empire is on the rise.

Fusing sports-tech fabrics such as Vuelta and Colorado with streamlined silhouettes, Charli Cohen sportswear is practical and stylish. From silver and black crop tops to pink geometric style leggings, there is something for everyone in her unique collections, whether that be a loose pair of joggers or that super sculpting leotard. Even when not hitting the gym, her pieces could easily be worn while out on a coffee run or picking the kids up from school, such is the simplicity of her designs.

The colours used are also flattering and trendy, with subtle colour combinations. Navy and light blue, fuchsia with dark purple and black paired with grey and white, all perfectly complimenting the female form. Plus, Cohen’s designs are not as garish as other workout clothes – who wants to be starred at (for all the wrong reasons!) while looking hot and sweaty? What’s more everything at Charli Cohen is made in the UK, giving us a sense of national pride in the homemade brand.

So whether it be that perfect pair of black leggings or a lightweight jacket for those chilly autumnal months, Charli Cohen has got your workout gear all covered!

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