Friday, 11 September 2015

Looking good doesn't have to be expensive

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© Stop Looking! Fashion Runway 2011 (henryjose/flickr, CC BY 2.0)

Fashion designers are very much business people who are keenly aware that their target audience have differing tastes and budgets.

Although it's possible to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on looking good, it isn't really necessary as clothing and accessories are available in many cost-effective brands and styles that don't compromise on quality.

A department store is a great place to start shopping to create a fashionable look, providing a whole range of clothing, shoes, brands and accessories from below £10 and all under one roof. Stand out from the crowd in bright colours such as oranges and yellows or wear fashionable, clingy cuts such as figure-hugging dresses or drainpipe trousers that stand the test of time and never really go out of fashion. A great tip for many to take advantage of is to buy in the sales or look for special offers, which all department stores have in abundance pretty much all year round.

If comfort's the desired goal, there's lots of designs incorporating softer, looser fabrics and fits with colours that blend into the background. Choose an acrylic sweater dress and leggings that are a cotton blend - this type of clothing is versatile and looks great all year round. Pure wools and cottons can be more costly so it's better to go for the blended fabrics to be kinder to your wallet. The more low-key look can always be dressed up with various accessories such as bright scarves, chunky necklaces and wide or narrow belts that fit snugly around the waist or loosely around the hips.

It's possible for anyone to get several complete outfits for well under £100 by shopping in just one store. Even buying the more expensive brands and designs can be affordable by obtaining a super discount through Enjoy and take advantage of the feel-good factor that only retail therapy provides because wearing lovely things and looking good is, and always will be, one of the great pleasures of life.