Monday, 21 September 2015

Freak Show at AMIS Design

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As the lights dipped and the chatting ceased at the Fashions Finest catwalk show on Saturday 19th, Abbie Smith, the designer behind the up and coming brand, AMIS Design was ready to deliver her new collection, as part of London Fashion Week.

Titled ‘Freak Show’ and focused on a dedicated circus theme which involved inventive props and amazing clothes, this was a fun and frivolous collection. Abbie, who by the way is only 16 years old, used bright, vibrant colours such as yellow, blue and red, mirroring the shades usually seen on the famous big top tent. Clingy jumpsuits in tight fabrics were covered in swirling tattoo designs while other models paraded in long dresses, flowing majestically as they walked. The top hats, reminiscent of a triumphant ringmaster added a touch of class and sophistication.
The soundtrack boomed out of the sound system and the fashion filled front row snapped away with their cameras as two models, joined together by a frilled ruff around their necks walked down the runway in matching, bold jumpsuits. Another highlight, was the corset and pants combo which the model rocked holding a hoop above her head, like an acrobat getting ready to perform. The eccentric head pieces were beautiful and different as were the colour combinations which would stand out a mile away.

But it wasn’t all glitz and glamour. A red mini dress with tassels around the hem was elegant and simple, perfect for a night out showing that Abbie can design for either a more minimal customer or someone eccentric, who wants to take centre stage.

As the show came to an end, the audience broke into rapturous applause for the incredible pieces showcased and for the designer behind the scenes, Abbie Smith. Definitely one to watch in the future…