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Billion Dollar Brows founder Talks To FF

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Billion Dollar Brows. If you haven't heard of them, you will very soon as the American brand, founded by Natalie and Dan Plain gets ready to launch in Boots stores nationwide.

Focused on helping women achieve the perfect eyebrow, BDB, which is stocked in over 32 countries, offer a variety of beautiful and clever products, including brow moisturisers, tinters, tweezers and powders which will help you in creating the healthy, full eyebrows you've always dreamed of. Because honestly, who doesn't want lovely, symmetrical brows?

We sat down with co-founder, Natalie Plain on a sunny, autumnal morning in Kensington and got to know her easy tips and tricks, celebrity eyebrow icons and inspirations behind Billion Dollar Brows.

So Natalie, why did you decide to launch an eyebrow company, rather than focus on eye makeup or lipsticks?

As a young girl growing up, I was always fascinated by make up particularly the eyebrows, because I could groom them myself. It felt like something I could control. But when I got them done professionally I could see the difference between just taking tweezers and doing it myself. It was such a powerful transformation without having to wear lipstick, foundation and eye shadow. I felt that the power brow was something I could feel confident in.

Do you feel women tend to neglect their eyebrows?

I think women are starting to realise how powerful the eyebrow shape can be. So whether they go for a full face of make up or wear less make up, if you're eyebrows are groomer you look more put together. I do think people are noticing and as we bring the brand more global, we want BDB to be a staple in everybody's bathroom.

What are your must have products which you feel every woman should have in her make-up bag?

Billion Dollar Brows was built on the belief that beautiful brows come as a right not a privilege, and so what we like to promote is full thick, healthy brows you can condition, colour and control. So conditioning with Brow Boost, colouring with either our pencil or powder and for control we have brow gels, tinted or clear. And those three staple items can really jump start your eyebrows, by also not plucking too much off too! Use our Brow Buddy to help position the symmetry of your eyebrows, and to help not take off too much in the middle, which is the biggest crime. This tool helps you find the three points of your eyebrow, when to start, the arch and the end your brow.

Which celebrity eyebrows do you admire, Cara Delevingne’s thick brows maybe? And any you’re not such a fan of?

Cara Delevingne is the brow goddess. We all bow down to Cara. Personally, I love Kate Middleton. She is my personal favourite. She has a classic look and beautiful eye brows too. However, I wish I could make over Michelle Obama. She has taken too much hair off. She is a beautiful woman, very striking but her brows are too thin. There’s too much taken off in the middle and they are too overly arched – she could really soften that brow, but still keep it strong. I also love Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren’s eyebrows.

Your book, ‘The Plain Truth about Brows’ was launched in 2013. Had you always wanted to write a book?

I’m a big believer in just putting it out there. When I launched the brand, I knew that people would ask questions and I wanted to put everything out there in a book so they could understand our point of view. As you read through the book, we address all issues from celebrity brows, examples and tutorials. And we are actually coming out with a second edition next year as times have changed since 2013, so we want to update our look using different celebrities.

What is your BDB aesthetic?

We launched the brand to keep brows simple, and to give quality products to consumers. We don’t make anything in China and we really pride ourselves on natural, no testing on animals, healthy aesthetics. Our brand is mainly made in America but we also have a lab in Mexico with great quality products. I love seeing all the stages come together - it never gets old. Seeing our products in stores is also very exciting. I just really want to help and empower women with products which are easy to use and affordable.

What was the appeal to partner up with high street retailer Boots?

Boots was just the right fit at the right time. We are stocked in 32 countries, including Canada and Australia. I went to Boots last night, and it’s really my kind of shop, it’s easy and I like the fact that when you buy something there it encourages you to go back. The boots customer is a fashionista who also wants something that’s easy and affordable to use, that’s where I feel Boots is a perfect partner and we are very fortunate to be part of their beauty line.

Any last minute eye brow top tips?

When plucking, you shouldn’t pluck from the top of your eyebrows. To create the arch you need to pluck underneath. But if you’re cleaning up your brows then occasionally pluck from the top, but the main point of your brow arch is underneath.

Billion Dollar Brows are stocked in Boots stores nationwide. Or visit their website at 

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