Sunday, 22 November 2015

How To Look Good At An Official Party

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Dressing up for a formal dinner has always been a tough part of me.

The reason I used to detest formal get-togethers so much was because they require you to dress up immaculately in designer shirts that are stitched properly. But it was a long time back, probably in some other lifetime, as soon I found out the pleasure of getting custom made dress shirts for myself.

Designer shirts are not simply in my league! I also do not believe in spending so much money on just a shirt, but I like to dress up nicely, in properly stitched clothes that are according to my size. So, when it comes to wearing a good shirt, you have got just three options:

1. Go for a designer shirt. 2. Scan racks and racks of shirts in every departmental store within your reach. 3. Get yourself the custom made dress shirts.

Just as I have already stated, going for designer shirts is simply out of my league. No matter how much people adore their Armani and Gucci, I simply think that it is unwise to invest in something that is not going to get doubled in value after six months.

Coming to the second option, with the kind of a hectic workload I have got, it seems impossible to take a shower every day, what to talk about going through racks of shirts in an emergency with a meeting in the morning and a dinner with your boss at night.

So, I am left with the third option only, which is not only the most convenient one but the most sensible as well. Custom made dress shirts make your lives easy. All you need to do is to buy the loose cloth that you like and go to one of the best tailors around you with them, all you have to do over there is to get yourself measured properly, and you will have your dress shirts ready within no time. It is also an excellent option because the amount of money you spend in purchasing one designer shirt, you can get 3 to 4 made of the same amount as well. The best thing is that the stitching quality of the custom made dress shirts are always amazing, and you have everybody ooh-ing and aah-ing after you.

If it gives you any relief, then it is important to know that many notable people and even the famous Hollywood celebrities opt for custom made dress shirts to wear to big events as well.

You can easily find a tailor near you by visiting your mall or the shopping area near your home or office. Your friends and colleagues are also that best people to tell you which tailor is the best as lots of people are now trending towards getting custom made dress shirts. I found mine just around the corner from my home when I decided to try him right there and then, and I have not been disappointed at all!

Written by guest blogger Emma Jenifer