Sunday, 14 February 2016

Henry J Socks For All Occasions

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I love receiving my monthly subscription boxes in the post whether it is a graze box or one of the many beauty boxes that are available.

Now to add to the excitement I get when opening these boxes I have discovered that you can get socks in the post too. Henry J Socks have a subscription service where you can sign up for yourself or a friend.

You can buy the subscription for three, six or twelve months. You can choose to have 1-3 pairs of socks in each monthly box. Three pairs a month for twelve months will cost you just £11.51p a month. It is such a good bargain and the socks you receive have various colourful designs and are good quality socks that will last.

If you are anything like me and tend to somehow lose socks when you do your washing then a sock subscription service is the perfect solution. Maybe one day we will find out where all those missing socks go but until then Henry J Socks has a way around it.

Henry J Socks can provide you with stripped, spotty or plain socks and they come in all the colours of the rainbow, maybe even more. I will definitely be signing up and if my best friend plays her cards right when we meet for a coffee later then I will sign her up too. A person can never have too many socks.

Sign up today so you will never be a sock short at . The sock subscription service who provide socks for all occasions