Monday, 07 March 2016

Nails Inc Paint Can - The Future For Nails?

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Nails Inc Paint Can is a spray on polish, is this what all the ladies out there need to save on time when getting ready?

It could be good for those of us who always make mistakes when painting our nails. A new Paint Can range has been launched by Nails Inc and could now make painting your nails easier.

We have all been there when we are running short on time to get to an event but we have yet to paint our nails. This is why the Paint Can was designed. We all want to have professional looking nails but do not want to spend a lot of time on them. The Paint Can promises not to smudge and dries quickly.

I am reviewing the Mayfair Lane Paint Can, which is a nice pinky colour. It was time to see if this really was the polish of the future.

How To Apply

1. Apply a base coat, I suggest using Best Friend 2 in 1 Mini Base & Top coat, then allow to dry. (Base coat is a must)
2. Shake the Paint Can and spray the polish onto your nails from a distance of 10-15cm. (always cover the surface beneath your hands)
3. Wash the excess polish away with soapy water or a wet cloth.
4. Apply a top coat so your nails last longer.
5. Look at your beautiful nails.

One spray was enough for my nails and there was not much mess, it washed off easily and looked great. It even comes off easier than the average polish when removing it. What is not to love about the Paint Can? I have to say that this polish is going places, it is the crème de la crème of polishes.

The Paint Can comes in three colours: Mayfair Lane (Light pink), Shoreditch Lane (Silver) and Hoxton Market (Bright pink).

Nails Inc Paint Can, RRP £10 and is available from